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Espace Frantz Fanon : anti-colonialism and dis-alienisation of individuals

mardi 12 septembre 2006

The African social movements remember that Africa has also lived through the resistances that go to make History. Not only is this contemporary history directly linked to the values and ambitions of the social movements as a whole throughout the world that, today, are fighting for their rights against a globalised neo-liberal economy that is harshly redistributing the balance of power. But these collective values and ambitions also irrigate it in return. And the decentralised 2006 World Social Forum, one stage of which took place in Bamako, has proved that the African social movements can also converge - and aspire to do so - with what more and more of us are calling “alternat-worldism”. During the 2007 World Social Forum in Nairobi, which will again bed taking place in Africa, we hope that its reality and the history that nourishes it will be visible - so that it be an area for sharing and that it nourish our thinking in the course of our struggles, our values and the way we work.
On the suggestion of the African Council of the Social Forum, the Espaces-Marx-Transform network, the Frantz Fanon Circle, the MRAP (a French anti-racist organisation), the LDG (A French Human Rights org.), and the FSU (Teachers Confederation of Unions) (the list is open ... contacts are under way with African, Asiatic, West Indian, European North and South American organisations, IPAM, ALBA Collective etc. etc. ) therefore propose to set up, in Nairobi, an

Espace Frantz Fanon

anti-colonialism and dis-alienisation of individuals
(colonial liberation and individual emancipation)
histories, news, perspectives

The Project :

Decolonisation and “alternat-worldism”, an analysis of modes of domination, a prism of cultures, and their underlying racisms ...

The works of Frantz Fanon, an anti-colonial activist, a black West Indian, a psychiatrist, are an endeavour at dissecting the many-sided forms of cultural, economic and mental alienation, repressed by colonialist France. The author of Black skin and white mask and of Wretched of the Earth, he left a mark on his times and, in particular wrote in 1961 “universality lies in taking responsibility for the mutual relativism of different cultures once the colonial status has been irreversibly excluded”. For those of us activists committed to working on the forms of domination that hem in or underlay our world, this still seems eminently fertile today.

Frantz Fanon was an activist wounded to the depths of his heart by racism and confronted as a doctor by the damage caused by the “native regulations” of the French administration. He still makes us question today the working and reproduction of these forms of domination, these racisms, that alter and subvert all social relations, all individuals and all communities in their perceptions, expressions, and institutions and finally in personal destinies.

These questions seem essential. Working on them in depth is increasingly indispensable ; it is inevitable for us, for “alternat-worldialist” convergence so as to dissect, to deconstruct and really to challenge the profound modes of discriminating perception born of past centuries. We propose to you that we them tackle together during the Nairobi WSF : we propose to organise a Frantz Fanon area, a Frantz Fanon house at the Nairobi World Social Forum.

Serge Guichard

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