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European initiative over modern extremism and right-wing populism

Initiative Européenne sur l’extrémisme et le populisme de droite modernes

mercredi 3 mai 2006

problématique d’un atelier coorganisé par Espaces Marx au FSE d’Athènes, mai 2006.

Vous trouverez ici la version française de ce texte.

Der Texte steht hier auf Deutsch.

In an a number of European countries, in the East as well as in the West, extreme right and populist parties have succeeded in positioning themselves in the heart of political life - sometimes taking part in government or of becoming parliamentary support forces of government, and winning substantial electoral success.

The neo-liberal offensive, which is now attacking Europe as a whole, under the form of liberal globalisation with its consequences in terms of breaking down the social fabric, of destroying the social State, of casualisation and of rearmament and military interventions, is spreading despair at the individual and collective level. As such it constitutes an ideal breeding ground for the growth of right wing extremism and populism.

Thus the danger no longer lies in a right-wing extremism, now marginalised - the kind that copied fascism and Nazism. The danger is now at the very heart of society, in modernised extreme right and populist parties that have adapted themselves to contemporary realities, which adhere to the ultra-liberal ideology - to which they add racism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia as well as an authoritarian view of social order based on the principles of exclusion and discrimination.

At a time when several of these organisations, meeting in Vienna in November 2005, announced their intention of uniting with the 2009 European elections in view, we want to react by founding this “European Initiative against right-wing extremism and populism†.

This has set itself as objectives :

-  to cooperate at the European level and beyond, by exchanging analyses and relevant information ; by setting up an internet site and by publishing the result of our research
-  to deepen the analysis of right-wing extremism and populism by integrating, in a multi-disciplinary spirit, the research specific to different countries, in the global context of this European phenomenon, closely linked with the ideological deployment of liberalism
-  to carry out long term studies so as better to assess the real developments taking place
-  to collect a bibliography
-  to facilitate practical approaches to undertake so as to organise citizen mobilisations, left and democratic forces, against the development and the expressions of the extreme-right of populism at European level

Since we are attached to building another Europe : that of Human Rights, equality of individuals and of social rights, we will be present at the 4th European Social Forum in Athens, which will date place in Athens in May 2006, so as to point out the part that the extreme right and of populism in the global offensive being carried out by liberalism. We also aim to contribute to work in favour of a counter-offensive in the different countries and at the European level.

Those taking part in the founding assembly (Cologne, 4 December 2005) invite women and men who are, in the same spirit, carrying out research, educative, Trade Union and political activities, to cooperate with our network.

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